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Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Ring Design

Custom designed jewelry starts with your idea and ends with a one-of-a-kind piece that embodies you. We listen carefully to your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. From there, our designers and artisans work together to bring your ideas to life.  Whether its a hand carved wax or a CAD image, we perfect the details and make changes accordingly. The expertise of our staff allows us to maximize design while maintaining the integrity and wear-ability of the jewelry.

  1. The process begins by sitting down with you(and possibly your loved one) and learning about your style, ideas, and inspiration. This usually begins with an idea, a picture or a concept of what you envision the jewelry item to be. Then, one step at a time, we begin to refine your idea into a spectacular piece of wearable art.
  2. Agree upon a design. At this point, anything requiring approval for the final piece will be ordered, such as gemstones. If need be, a wax will be started. This is a version of your final piece, carved in wax, showing you the proportions and stone settings. They can be green or purple, and are very delicate. A small deposit will be required to begin the wax creation.
  3. Wax and gemstone approval. Here's where the real fun begins! Your design has become a 3-D reality, and you can start to see how the final piece will look. Small changes can be made at this point. When everything is just right and upon your approval, the finished piece gets started.
  4. Your wax is cast in your chosen metal, and the stones you approved will be set. Payment in full is required at this stage in the process.
  5. Final approval of the jewelry. Your custom jewelry piece is now ready for you! Come in and make sure everything is just right.

 Showtime! Now it is time to show off your one of a kind jewelry made just for you!

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