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About Our Diamond Inventory

Loose Diamond Shape Image


   It is great to get a general sense of what is out there by looking online, but when it comes time to purchase that special diamond it is always best to see it in person before making a final decision. What a diamond lab report can't do for you is tell you how beautiful or brilliant your diamond is. Even diamonds with the same exact weight and letter grades can be visually very different when compared side-by-side. 

   We carry a large selection of loose diamonds (mined and lab grown) in most shapes and sizes. Because of our Antwerp diamond cutter connections (More about our Anwterp Diamonds) we are also able to bring in diamonds of any size or shape you desire. We also work with Pure Grown Diamonds, currently the largest producer of lab grown diamonds. For more information on lab grown diamonds (click here).

   The best way to buy a diamond is to be able to compare different loose diamonds side by side. This way the visual beauty of each diamond is compared to others so you can make an informed decision.

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